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When an Expert Opinion is Essential

WorldCare provides expert medical second opinions (MSOs) for serious and complex conditions to individuals worldwide.  


We understand how devastating it can be to receive a diagnosis for a serious illness such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, or a spinal cord injury.  In these complex cases, and many like them, we are here for you. WorldCare helps to ensure that you get reliable information on your diagnosis and treatment plan, empowering you to make the optimal healthcare decisions.


WorldCare MSOs can be activated quickly as there is no travel or time spent waiting for additional specialist appointments - all communication with the WorldCare medical team is managed remotely through phone and email.  Additionally, there is no cost to eligible Manulife customers for the WorldCare MSO, as it is part of their insurance plan.

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Why should you request an MSO? 

Learn about WorldCare’s gold-standard MSO 

See how the service works

Facts to Know

Facts to know about WorldCare’s MSO service

100+ serious and complex medical conditions across 15 major categories

are covered

16 leading U.S. medical institutions in The WorldCare Consortium®

4–7 medical specialists and sub-specialists participate in each MSO team review

2 weeks: typical MSO completion time after gathering and submitting all medical records

26% of WorldCare MSOs receive a change in diagnosis and 75% result in a changed treatment plan

98% member satisfaction

Manulife customers share their WorldCare experiences

Hundreds of eligible Manulife customers have relied on WorldCare’s expert MSO service to help them and their families in a time of great need, uncertainty, concern and stress. The WorldCare team treated each eligible member with empathy, guiding them through the process and becoming their advocate.  Hear some of their stories in this video.

Attention Manulife customers

If you are diagnosed with a serious or complex condition, WorldCare can help you get an expert Medical Second Opinion (MSO) from a top medical research institution in the U.S via a multi-disciplinary team from The WorldCare Consortium®.  The MSO will review your diagnosis and provide information on the optimal treatment plan for your condition, all without the need for travel or additional appointments with specialists.

Call Health Service Navigator at 1-800-875-1264 to request your WorldCare MSO (for eligible Manulife Customers)

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